Ubisoft Senior Technical Level Designer [Far Cry] (f/m) in Berlin, Germany

As the Senior Technical Level Designer you will assess the tools and methods requirements so as to ensure the productivity of the level design team. You will prepare and adapt the tools that will be used in level design throughout the production process, participate in engine selection whenever possible, and select the best work methods.


  • Read the game design documents so as to identify the technical needs of the level design team

  • Test the selected engine or develop and suggest improvements to the programming team

  • Test the tools, game features and methods before they are implemented and ensure that they function properly throughout production

  • Produce the tools, methods, training, processes, and engine constraints reference documents

  • Create, organize, and conduct training sessions for all members of the level design team so that they are able to make proper use of the tools and methods

  • Coordinate tool use and be a point of contact between the level design and programming teams

  • Communicate the technical constraints and their rationales to the level design team on a regular basis

  • Establish the nomenclature of the files created by the level design team so as to structure data location and facilitate retrieval

  • Be proactive by foreseeing the technological requirements and challenges before they occur (game design, level design, etc.)

  • Provide constant technical support on the tools and engines for every member of the level design team

  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience as a technical level designer (in every phase of the production process an important asset) or equivalent.

  • Must have shipped minimum of 1-2 AAA titles

  • Customer focus

  • Good organizational skills;

  • Strong communication skills in English (spoken and written);

  • Highly developed technical writing skills (technical documents);

  • Work well as part of a team.


We aim to have a wide and diverse range of profiles within our studio, we’re thus looking forward to being surprised by your application!

The most important quality for us is to be a strong team player with a resilient and positive attitude. On an ambitious project such as ours, things will get hot. You will have to be ready for it and keep the temperature down. No one is above the team, no one is left behind.


We want to build a studio in which everyone feels inspired, empowered and connected.

We believe developers do their best work when they feel empowered. We thus aim to give you a lot of autonomy. In return, we expect you to be self-responsible and stay on top of your game by continuously developing your skills.

Furthermore, we know it is important for a developer to feel comfortable. With that in mind, we aim to provide a variety of everyday benefits which we hope will help you feel great including fresh fruit, discount on your gym membership, child care support, subsidized lunch meals, external training & education in our in-house guilds and knowledge sharing with other teams.

If you are passionate about video games and would like to work with like-minded professionals with an international team, please apply via our career portal.

Applications should include your resume, a cover letter with the earliest starting date, your salary expectation and why you would like to joins us.

For further information please check www.bluebyte.de and www.ubisoft.com.