City of Boise Design Review and Historic Preservation Planning Manager in Boise, Idaho

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Essential FunctionsAnalyzes, prepares and presents information regarding complex development applications, appeals, ordinance amendments and guiding documents to the Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. Reviews and makes recommendations to the Historic Preservation Commission regarding historic preservation overlay zoning applications. Performs site inspections to ensure zoning compliance for occupancy of structures. Evaluates and makes recommendations and/or decisions on proposed changes for historic preservation-zoned properties. Determines the completion of work, and assists with the issuance of bond approval to allow for temporary occupancy of structure. Communicates with applicants, public, agencies and management regarding applications and processes in oral and written form. Works with individuals and groups to facilitate outreach, educate and foster compliance gain with ordinance requirements which can be mutually beneficial to the applicant, public, and the City. (30%)Monitors the maintenance of record keeping for all files ensuring all information is accurate, current and available to the public and other review agencies. Applies for, monitors and coordinates grants received for timely fulfillment and reporting to the grant agency. Supervisory responsibilities including oversight of Supervises subordinate professional and support staff including scheduling and assigning work, providing direction, setting project priorities, reviewing and approving work products ensuring their compliance with state and local laws. Conducts public meetings and hearings and represents the City in public and official meetings with other City departments, agencies and citizen groups. Attends various training seminars, conferences and meetings as required. Prepares reports and presents them to the various planning Commissions and City Council. (25%)Obtains tracks and executes grants for historic preservation projects. Oversees the administration of these projects including budgeting, preparation of financial reports and project accounting as well as supervision of the project carried out by the City staff or through external consultant/contractor arrangement. (10%)Works with administration on fee schedules, modification to division policy, procedures and processes working towards accurate, reliable and efficient review of applications. Participates with special groups such as the Development Services Advisory Committee (DSAC), Ordinance Review Committee (ORC), and other project groups. Participates in the development of comprehensive planning policy, ordinance amendments, specific area plans and neighborhood planning providing direction with regards to design and historic preservation. Provides recommendations to the Planning Director on project and administrative processes. (10%)Prepares and monitors the notice requirements for Design Review and Historic Preservation including the writing of legal notification for publication in the local paper, radius notices for mailing to affected owners and residents, transmittal documentation to City and outside review agencies, hearing notification, and action letters. (10%)Supervisory responsibilities: Employees in this position are authorized to recommend and/or effect the full range of duties (with appropriate managerial review), including hiring, performance evaluations, transferring, promoting, assigning of significant duties, rewarding, disciplining and terminating employment; exercise independent judgment to direct others work and have the authority to take corrective action; and, utilize people skills to communicate, motivate and direct or oversee a person, group, department, or organization. (15%)Performs other duties as assigned. Nothing in this job description restricts ma nagement's right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this position at any time. Total Percentage = 100%